Walton Pond

As of June 16th 2016 Walton Pond will no longer be available to TAA members or period ticket holders.

There are several reasons we have made the difficult decision to let the water go after many years.

It has been difficult to bailiff on a regular basis and poaching has become an increasing problem.

Predation by otters and cormorants has been another major problem.

Due to the poaching and predation of the fish stocks in the lake catches and fish stocks have dropped to almost nothing.

To attempt to restock and to address some of the predation issues would involve a large financial outlay on which we would never see a return.

The committee have decided that it would be far better to invest in venues closer to Taunton which we would have far better control over.

We know this will inconvenience some anglers but feel this decision is in the best interests of TAA, its members and its future.