Match Rules

1) The Executive Committee shall have the powers to close any stretch of water on special match days.

2) The extent of the water to be fished at contests shall be decided by the Stewards appointed by the Match Sub Committee for that day. Any member fishing outside the prescribed limits (3ft either way from the peg) or breaking the surface of the water before the signal to start (except for the preparation of groundbait, the positioning of keepnet, the plumbing of the depth or the shotting of a float or fishing after the official signal to finish, will be disqualified.Should he still be playing a fish hooked before the signal is given he will be permitted no more than 15 minutes after time has been called to land the fish. Pegs may only be moved at the discretion of the Stewards. It is the responsibility of each participting angler to return his peg number to the Stewards at the end of any match.

3) Swims shall be pegged out by the Match Sub-Committee (or co-opted Members) and drawn for , before the match begins. A “Special Draw” may be used for certain disabled (or otherwise entitled members. AT THE SOLE DISCRETION OF THE STEWARDS. This may take the form of an “early” draw or a draw for a “flat bank” or for any other such reason as the Stewards may decide. The deciscion of the Stewards on the allocation of such a draw shall be final.

4) Pike do NOT count in any match. All other fish must be retained ALIVE in a KEEP-NET.

At the discretion of the Match Secretary, a deciscion may be made to retain carp for a specific match.

5) No competitor shall have live or dead fish in his possesion before a match. Any amalgamation of catches shall disqualify those concerned.

6) A competitor shall have only, One Rod, One Line and One Hook (trebles or doubles expresly forbidden) at the same time but may have other rods assembled for use, provided that no such othertackles are baited. Any bait may be used except live or dead fish, spinning baits or artificial lures. No floating baits to be used.

All ground bait may be thrown in by hand, or by the use of catapults, throwing sticks, swimfeeders or bait droppers, but no other mechanical means of projecting groundbaits is allowed.

7) No person shall handle the rod or line of any other competitor during a match, nor assist in laanding any other anglers fish.

8) No form of container for preserving the catc h other than a keep net can be used. Keep nets of approved pattern MUST be used and all fish kept alive and returned to the water aftern weighing in, which must take place on the bank. If for any reason a fish is seen to be distressed a competitor or matrch official has the right to demand that they be weighed immediatly and returned to the water , during the course of the match.

9) Fly fishing is not allowed in any peg-down match. No battery operated bite alarms to be used (ie Optonics etc)

10) Any angler in a match who dismantles his his gear and leaves his peg shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the match.

11) Anglers must be a member of TAA, either full or temporary, to enter any match (except opens)

The only exception being The Fur and Feather which is open to season permit holders only.

Temporary members will not be eligable to enter the “Golden Peg”, or to hold any trophy they may win.

A golden peg can only be fished at an official club match with a minimum number of seven anglers participating.

12) During a match competitors are not permitted to walk banks or create any nuisance TO THE ANNOYANCE OF OTHER ANGLERS PARTICIPATING.

13) At the beginning of each month a list of matches will be displayed on the club notice board at Taunton Angling Centre and Enterprise Angling, Taunton. Anglers wishing to fish any of these matches will enter their names on the appropriate list, which will be withdrawn at 1pm on the Saturday before the match. No extra swims will be pegged out on the day before the match. Any vacant swims will be filled at the discretion of the Stewards.

14) Swims drawn in matches are not transferable.

15) All queries relating to swims, or any dispute, shall be reffered to the stewards, whose decision shall be final. Complaints regarding alledged breaking of match rules, or unfairness on behalf of a competitor must be registered within the time of the match finishing and the distribution of prizes.

16) Weed raking at Club matches will be allowed SOLELY at the discretion of the Match Stewards on the day.

17) Entrants in junior matches must be under 16 years of age and hold a juvenile season permit.

18) Juniors may recieve assistance in tacking up before a match, provided it is a junior match, but no assistance either physical or verbal may be given after the match has started.

19) Any fish suspected of being weighted or any fish considered suspicious  by the wighters, must be laid before the match organisers and the anglers weight be not confirmed until a ruling has been obtained. If steward reccomend the disqualification of a competitor, they will weigh his fish in case their ruling is not upheld.

20) Competitors are responsible for ensuring that their pegs are clear of litter and no competitor may have their catch weighed in who has litter lying on the banks of of his swim.

21) All holders of trophies must on presentation of them give a written guarantee for their safety, and shall undertake to return same (when applicable) in a clean and presentable condition when asked by the organisers.

22) The minimum size of keep net for fishing in club waters shall be 2 metres long by 1.2 metres in circumferance. Mesh must be knotless with internal circumferance of 25mm or less.

23) A large cup is presented annualy to the individual Club Champion, who shall be the member who gains the highest points aggregate over any six points matches.

24) The Taunton AA team(s) for all events shall be selected by a committee comprising the Match Secretary and two other members (to be elected annually at the AGM). The selection committee will be directly responsible and accountable to the Executive Committee which may overide a selection committee decision, if it should so decide.

25) All trophies to be presented at The Associations Annual General Meeting.

26) No competitor in any match is permitted to fish the match venue 24 hours before the actual match date.